csm_iseo_bankteil_eiche_01_klRZ_02ddd85f7aIseo Solid Wood Dining Set Wild Oak Bank Subgroup

csm_Koje1-2_KW34_Iseo_Kernbuche-Wachseffekt_JPG-gross_066a2c5fe8 - CopyIseo Breakfast Nook Solid Beech Wax Effect

csm_iseo_eckbank_eiche_011_9766516c2dIseo Solid Breakfast Nook Core Ash Wood Wax Effect, Black Upholstery

csm_SW_Eckbank_Iseo_Fichte_Rosner_matt_lackiert_e7591a44c3Iseo Solid Breakfast Nook Spruce Rosner Matte Lacquered

csm_Koje2-KW34_ISEO_Wildeiche-Wachseffekt_JPG-gross_718055677dIseo Solid Wood Breakfast Nook Wild Oak Wax, Wine Red Upholstery

csm_SW_Bankteil_Iseo_f4985d86fdIseo Solid Breakfast Nook Core Ash Bank Group

csm_SW_Eckbank_Iseo_Kabal_anthrazit_0f757c7aceIseo Solid Breakfast Nook Core Beech Anthracite Wax Effect Padded

csm_SW_Eckbank_Iseo_Kabal_mittelbraun_a6ce807184Iseo Solid Breakfast Nook Medium Brown Wild Solid Oak, Upholstered

csm_SW_Eckbank_Iseo_Wildeiche_geoelt_eb9e7ecef2Iseo Solid Breakfast Nook Oiled Wild Oak

csm_SW_Eckbank_Iseo_Kabal_weinrot_feb86e971eIseo Solid Breakfast Nook Wild Oak Oiled, Upholstered Wine Red

csm_SW_Eckbank_Iseo_Kabal_weiss_d335666dc0Iseo Solid Breakfast Nook Spruce Rosner Matte, Upholstered

csm_iseo_anrichte_eiche_c7e3836ca8 - CopyIndividual Pieces


Iseo Breakfast Nook Solid Wood Collection
Made from solid wood these breakfast nooks are made to last

Available in 25 different fabrics and 10 different  wood tone.
Choose your style and make it custom to fit your needs

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Iseo Breakfast Nook Collection

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