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corner bench made in Italy


Welcome to our German Furniture Online Catalog 2012. Enjoy our large selection of a breakfast nook,kitchen nook, high end corner bench nooks, contemporary wall units, German bed linen, European windows, shutters and Restaurant Furniture imported directly from our warehouse in Germany. We offer the newest trend car furniture ride beside your gaming chair. Herzlich Willkommen

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The Crabo  Group has been carrying out for many years a mission that has the highest consideration for the professional merits and the human values of all the people engaged every day with diligence and competence in the Crabo’ s concern: the  observance of a production philosophy fully compatible with the environment, meeting the customers’ requirements with a product that offers a high ratio of quality and price and is studied and carried out ecologically.

For the  realization of such an important purpose it has been necessary to start a program involving on one hand a vast capital outlay, on the other hand a  development policy that provides connecting links between the present  potentialities and the prospective ones. At the present time the Crabo Group can  affirm with pride that the route has been followed to a great extent. We enter now into details that are evidence of our progress in the course of  time:


Every year some members of the Crabo Group are on the move and cover the equivalent of five  times a global trip round the world, constantly on the look out to discover new  and better sources of supply that quote more competitive prices for raw materials, in order to answer the most difficult challenge: offering the  customers first-rate products at the lowest costs!
Every article is manufactured from quality materials selected at several degrees through all the  stages of the process. Each product is tested as well by means of the Crabo’ s monitoring equipment as through the
CATAS, an institute for technological testing situated in S. Giovanni al Natisone (UD).


Our project  for the recycling of the waste products has already been operating for some  years. For this purpose two new concerns have been created: Chenna, which recycles waste products  and generates a product that boasts an original conception and really peculiar properties; Nuova Romano Bolzicco, a most modern thermo electrical plant which has the fullest  consideration for the environment and its revaluation and is designed to generate electric power from the waste products of the chair district.
The integrated recovering circle


With the intention of improving and speeding up the service to the customers, the Crabo  Group has built a modern vertical warehouse of 60.000 mÂł in order to supply a wide range of articles without delay. The loading  capacity is 20 camion/day and the daily- movemented packages are  4500.


The Crabo  Group is carrying out a research into the employment of enzyme-beds for the prevention of the atmospheric pollution  caused by varnish solvents and is engaged in a steady research work in point of ergonomics into the products and the operating instructions, in order to make the product ever easier and friendlier to the final user. Each package is carefully studied with a view to  reducing the inside air to a minimum, in order to optimize the transport costs.  Moreover, the Crabo Group thinks fit to give fresh life to the former production technologies and to bring them into their best use again, for it goes without  saying that they are harmless to the environment and come more opportune than those of the present time. Let us take, as a significant example, the technique  of assembling by means of wooden bungs, which was  brought into use in the XV century and was employed on a large scale in '500.


The Demountable KD is a product that makes it possible to offer  substantial advantages and a decrease in costs not only to the customers but to the environment also, on these grounds: The expense of assembling the product is  done away with. The reduction of the inside air of the package by 65% brings about the lessening of the dimensions of the packages and results in  higher quantity of the commodities being conveyable by each lorry or train. At the present time the carrying capacity of a lorry is more than twice the quantity compared with its usual load. A substantial advantage of transport costs and a considerable benefit to the environment: less movement of lorries  means less smog. Moreover, such a correctly conceived  product enables the utmost utilization of the places intended for the storing of  these commodities: more goods in less space. Finally, a very important consideration with regard to the final user: the transport of a KD product is easier and ergonomically correct. The assembling of a  KD product is simply enjoyable.

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email us at: Warehouse at: 189 Linton Blvd. Delray Beach FL 33444

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