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Welcome to our German Furniture Online Catalog 2012. Enjoy our large selection of a breakfast nook,kitchen nook, high end corner bench nooks, contemporary wall units, German bed linen, European windows, shutters and Restaurant Furniture imported directly from our warehouse in Germany. We offer the newest trend car furniture ride beside your gaming chair. Herzlich Willkommen

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Rolladen Shutters

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German Shutters

German Windows

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Compare Prices and notice that we charge up to 40% less. Thousands of Dollars in Savings!! Everything Manufacture direct!

1. contemporary lines with slightly rounded corners  UF Value =1,6            2. straight line design with rounded corners, weather protected within the middle seal. UF Value = 1,6                   3. rounded corners, 70 m deep UF 1,4

Price Sample 1

Price Sample 2

Price sample 3

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Special designs for your New Build-or Restoration home. You are reaching with honey comb, circular and triangle shapes the highest individuality possible.

4. Classic lines, half surfaced faced wings with distinctive Optic. UF = 1,3                 5. Elegance with rounded luxurious profile. 70 mm deep, UF 1,3                               6. Elegance with half surfaced wings proposes a timeless design with classical lines

ENERGY SAVING CLIMATE CONTROL! AAH- FRESH Air! Our window frames offer for comfortable air exchange other alternatives. 1.The ability to tilt with a stable restrictive mechanism. This is a standard feature!

2.With this very unique fitted system you may tilt the window only

Koe Climate Plus: Pulls outside Air beneath chambers into the frame, converts into room temperature which will be pushed out on the top of the frame. The integrated pressure regulator supports fresh air exchange!


40 mm


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1. basic security: already with your Standard window you will receive basic security.                                        2. Security level 1

3. Security level 2

       Security Mechanism

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Please view our large variety of colors to choose from.

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We offer a wide variety of Window frame colors. The frame is vinyl with a hard pressed foil,which gives them a very unique and durable wooden look. Weather resistant!

click here for Rollladen (Rolling Shutters)

1. Slat SZ between the 2 glass sections for easy cleaning.                                             2. Slat SAZ between the glass section, plus and additional slat on the outer glass panels.     3. Slat SA, outer glass panel  with inside support.                                                     4. Slat SG, glass separating original.

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Sliding doors with a unique tilt and slide function

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Sliding Doors with a tilt

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email us at: Warehouse at: 189 Linton Blvd. Delray Beach FL 33444

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