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Select one from these exiting colorful wardrobes manufactured in Germany with Quality

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In different sizes and Varieties

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Contemporary look in any variation

This wardrobe program with it s colored glass application is totally inline with current trends


Sizes available for CapriCLICK HERE

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focus_start_high resize

Sizes available for FocusCLICK HERE


A different take on fronts

The Focus sliding door wardrobe takes center stage with  its modern front design. Color versions in sycamore, wenge, walnut, Montana cherry or alpine white, combined with glass panels in burgundy or basalt, project  that certain something. Functionality in the form of door buffers and further accessories round off the program.

Juwel_detail_2_01 resize
Juwel_high resize
Juwel_detail_1 resize

Sizes available for Juwel CLICK HERE


Elegant front designs

Up-to-date design on gliding door wardrobes from the Juwel range. The diagonally aligned glass applications in cream white, Bordeaux  red, orange and basalt colour are the distinguishing features of the wardrobe fronts.

Lido_detail_2 resize
Lido_detail_1 resize
Lido_detail_3 resize


Wardrobe program with many design options
Colored and  square-shaped decorative  elements on the fronts are special features of this wardrobe range with  easy-to-move gliding doors

linea_start_high resize
linea_detail_2_gross resize


Welcome to the world of Linea.

Suspended door cabinets with a convincing range of sizes,  colors, front looks  and material combinations. Whether modern or classic. Whether individual  cabinet or in combination with beds and chests of drawers. Linea offers  comprehensive solutions for the  most varied of uses in the household.Optically outstanding and with lots of storage space.

1153_A2959_G002_Plus2Largo resize

Inside the Wardrobe. Standard Wardrobes come with 1 shelf across and one hanging rod across the wardrobe.  You may add additional shelfs