Ideas & Sizes  for the kitchen nook, corner booth, breakfast nook “Nova”


small bench: 33.5" plus corner 24", plus side arm 5",  height for bench and corner 33.5" = wall space needed for this side with a small bench setup: 62.5"

large bench: 53" plus corner 24" plus side arm 5", height for bench and corner 33.5" = wall space needed for this side with the larger bench 82"

You may add to each bench -  corner set instead the  side arm also an ottoman. This  would increase the sizes as follows:

small bench, corner, ottoman set = 73.5"

large bench, corner, ottoman set = 93"

individual pieces:

Ottman = 40" width

side arm 5" width

chair with wheels= w/h/d 24" / 33.5"/23.5"

Nova white 3 resize02
Nova brown 1 Resize03